St. Joseph's School and Sixth Form: 23/08/2017


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School restarts for students in years 7-12 on Wednesday 6th September 2017. Students in Year 13 starts on Thursday 7th September.


Sunflower Day at St Joseph’s Primary Clydach

15 past pupils returned to their primary school today to help out and assist with their annual Sunflower Day. The day celebrated its 21st year with all money raised going to Dr Askill’s Radiotherapy and Treatment fund. Over the years, St. Joseph’s Primary School...


Snapchat Digital Safety

IMPORTANT INFORMATION This is an important digital safety update for students and parents/guardians. As you may or not be aware there has been a recent update to the app Snapchat. The update will share a user’s location and photos unless settings are changed. This...


Social Media Guidelines

Whilst Social Media has become a widely used and useful communication device for young people worldwide, it also has many dangers associated with its use. The majority of social media websites and apps have guidelines and Terms & Conditions associated with their safe use...