St. Joseph's School and Sixth Form: 21/01/2018

GREEN again for St. Joseph’s

I am very pleased to announce that St Joseph’s has been categorised, for the 3rd year in a row, as a GREEN 1 A school!


This is the highest possible categorisation a school can achieve. Since the categorisation system was introduced, St Joseph’s has been categorised in this highest category. Of the 211 secondary schools in Wales only 9 schools have had Green 1A for 3 consecutive years. When these scores are ranked St Joseph’s features 3rd out of the 9. We are all very proud of this achievement.

The standards scores showed that students of all backgrounds and abilities achieved highly in the last academic year. Students entitled to free school meals performed at levels far in advance of Welsh Government expectations and our most able and talented pupils achieved particularly well.

I would like to thank all of the teachers and support-staff at St Joseph’s as well as parents, carers and governors for their tireless support and encouragement during our continued school improvement journey. Last but not least, I thank our students whose hard work and resilience are at the heart of our school’s success.


Eugene Scourfield



The National Categorisation Process

The National School Categorisation system is intended to provide a clear and fair picture of how well a school is performing compared with other schools across Wales and helps to identify the schools that need the most help, support and guidance to improve.

The system is based on three simple steps:

Step one – Standards group
A range of information (e.g. exam performance) is used to make a judgement about the school’s standards (1 – 4).

Step two – Improvement capacity
An evaluation of the school’s capacity to improve further, taking account of the evidence about the standards and the quality of leadership, teaching and learning (A – D).

Step three – Support category
Bringing the judgement on the standards group and improvement capacity together to decide on the school’s support category (Green, Yellow, Amber, Red).

For more information on the National School Categorisation system click the following link.