St. Joseph's School and Sixth Form: 16/12/2017

Year 12 Timetable to End of Term

Below is the timetable that all Year 12 will follow between their return on 19th June until 14th July. In setting this up we are conscious of the number of summer schools and activities taking place at this time of year and we are trying to ensure that students are coming in for a specific reason. It is essential that students attend when they are required as most of the teaching, course work, instructions, reading lists etc. will be provided during their allocated lessons and to miss this could impact their grades next year.

In addition, we will be introducing and starting the UCAS (university application) process as well as starting the project for the Advanced Skills Challenge which counts for a large percentage of the overall grade.

While we encourage summer work, we ask that this does not impact the attendance on the days they are required.

All students are required for most of the first week with the first day being registration for Year 13. After that they should attend on the option blocks of their subjects and on whole school activities clearly highlighted in green.

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Year 12 Calendar 2017

Option blocks as a reminder:

Year 12 Option Blocks 2016

Any issues then please email on or contact the school.

Mr Prosser
Head of Sixth Form