St. Joseph's School and Sixth Form: 21/01/2018

Social Media Guidelines

Whilst Social Media has become a widely used and useful communication device for young people worldwide, it also has many dangers associated with its use. The majority of social media websites and apps have guidelines and Terms & Conditions associated with their safe use by children and young people.

Below are some suggestions and guidelines that we suggest you discuss and share with your children. This list is by no means exhaustive and should be used in conjunction with other supplied resources.

Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to use either Facebook or Instagram (see Facebook/Instagram T&Cs); therefore it is recommended that pupils close accounts if aged 12 or below. For those (aged 13 or older) who continue using either/both social networking products; it is recommended that pupils adjust their privacy settings and remove any unknown followers/friends.

Privacy settings:
– Ensure your age is accurate (default settings are different for adults)
– Only ever share with (known) friends
– Block/remove any unknown friends
– Report any suspicious comments
– Opt out of public search engine results
– Restrict friend requests to friends of friends
– Ensure location settings are disabled
– Restrict third party apps
– Enable timeline review
– Use the ‘Privacy checkup’ tool
– Use ‘View as’ to check your profile as someone else
– Block any unknown followers
– Report any suspicious comments
– Make account ‘Private’

With regards to reporting an incident using COEP, you are able to report (as a pupil, parent or professional) using the below website: