St. Joseph's School and Sixth Form: 21/02/2018

Year Eleven Geography Field Trip

On a beautiful October morning, pupils from the Year 11 Geography GCSE Course embarked on a journey to the River Ogmore to see how a river behaves following a period of rainfall. They trekked right up to the head of the valley so that they could see the whole river from start to it’s ultimate end in the Bristol Channel and this is where pupils practised their field sketch skills.
The pupils then sought to find the trickle of water that indicated the source of this huge river and measured the width, depth and the velocity. Some pupils were brave enough to try and hike up to the waterfall which indicates the absolute beginning.
After this, the group made their way to Blackmill in the middle of the Ogmore and measured the same characteristics to see if it had changed in this short distance. What a change they saw. The river was now much wider and much deeper; there were some soggy feet to say the least!
After a day of hard work and a change of socks, a plate of fish and chips was on the menu for staff and pupils alike. Mr Morgan and Mr Price are still telling tales of the corned beef pie and gravy.
With full bellies, the group then headed down to the end of the Ogmore where it meets the ocean at Ogmore on sea. It was incredible to see how this small trickle had turned into such a mighty force of nature.
Overall, a spectacular couple of days was had with a spectacular bunch of pupils. Well done everyone!