Geography Fieldwork

On a very cold March morning, members of the Year 12 A level Geography group conducted fieldwork in the Gower Peninsula. Whilst looking for evidence of past glacial ice sheets in Cefn Bryn, the temperature felt cold enough for such environments today. This was going to be a true geography fieldwork experience.

Regardless of the patches of snow and ice on the ground, pupils donned their hats and gloves and attacked the fieldwork with enthusiasm and purpose. With the sun shining we were able to see Pen-y-Fan looming in the distance and pupils produced some spectacular field sketches to record as memories.

After uncovering Year 12’s artistic skills we set off for Hunt’s Bay at the foot of Cefn Bryn. Year 12 hiked down to the rocky beach and set about investigating the pebbles in the cliff face,IMG_2335 IMG_2340 armed only with a cocktail stick and a compass. With these basic instruments, Year 12 showed they were able to reconstruct environmental conditions from 15,000 years ago! Pretty impressive. Oh and Niamh made a little crab friend.

After a lung bursting hike back to the minibus we headed back to the comforts of the school where pupils had their well-earned rest!

A truly enjoyable day. Well done Year 12.