Y7 Llangranog Visit

ImageOn Friday 11th May 2018, a group of year 7’s went on a residential trip to Llangrannog. We travelled by bus and had a long, but fun journey. From singing to music and eating everything we had, we didn’t think it would get better than that.

When we arrived we went to our rooms, unpacked our stuff and had some free time to explore Llangrannog. Then we all gathered in the common room and went to the sports hall to play friendly games such as dodgeball, volleyball, netball and crab football. After that we went to the dining hall to have supper, then returned to our rooms and talked for more than a while!

The next day we had breakfast and then split into two groups to do activities. First we went on the trampolines and jumped really high. Next, we did quad-biking, speeding around the tracks like we were rally drivers! After that, we went horse-riding. Our horses’ name was Ruby, she was feisty, but we enjoyed. We also did low ropes which helped us to gain confidence and be able to do the high ropes. We needed to use good teamwork. We also did the climbing wall where had lots of fun and enjoyed!

During the night we had the choice of a disco or games in the sports hall. Preparing for the disco was hard enough as Ellie had to do everyone’s hair, and Ruby did everyone’s make-up. We had lots of fun from dancing and competitions, to doing the worm and singing to Disney songs. After that, we went to our rooms, ready for the next day.

In the morning we got dressed, had breakfast, and got ready for the day of activities. We had glorious sunshine for the last few hours in Llangrannog, before the long trip home to see our families…who I’m sure missed us dearly!

Ruby, Ellie & Isabelle. Year Seven.