International Day of Language and Culture at St Joseph’s

St. Joseph’s celebrated its first International Day of Language of Culture on the 26th September.  Staff and year 7 students dressed up in costumes to represent countries from around the globe, and enjoyed a day of lessons and food inspired by international language and culture.

Click the photos above to get just a taste of the activities that took place during the day.  We asked some Year 7 for their thoughts:


“I loved seeing my friends in different clothes and colours from different countries.”

“I really liked the effort made by friends with clothes and costumes.”

“We thought that it was great being cowgirls together!”

“I just liked seeing all the colours – it was a colourful and happy day.”

“The teachers looked really good.  It was really funny, although Mrs Greenway had the best costume!!!”

“The food in the canteen was delicious at lunch time.    Next year we want to try more food from different countries.”

“I thought that having different lessons was so much fun. Origami, rapping about languages, learning about the Japanese Tsunami in 2012… name a few.”

“My favourite part was the costume competition! It was really fun.”

“I was lucky enough to be in one of the Chinese lessons. It was awesome! We enjoyed learning facts about China.”

 Mrs. Greenway who organised the day, said “a HUGE thank you to everyone for supporting the 1st International Day of Language and Culture at St Joseph’s. Many thanks to everyone who has helped and put up with me. You’re all amazing! It’s been a brilliant day and I can’t wait until next year!”