Year 13 Enrolment Form

This form is for our current Year 12 students enrolling on to their Year 13 courses.  If you are currently in Year 11 and wish to apply to join our Sixth Form, please select the Application section.

Please complete the form below to indicate which courses you wish to continue with in Year 13.

You can also type in any new courses you wish to take up; these must be agreed with Mrs Gow prior to the start of the academic year.

Remember that you must continue with at least three subjects (including the Welsh Baccalaureate) however, you are not able to continue with a subject which you have received a ‘U’ grade in and your Welsh Baccalaureate assessments must have been submitted to allow this to count as one of your three subjects.

All future correspondence will be completed by e-mail so please ensure that your e-mail is correct and be advised that we do not share the information with any other educational establishment, company or service.

Please fill in the personal information and select any subjects you wish to continue:

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