Distance Learning How-To Guides

During the current school closure, it’s important that our students continue to engage in their learning.  These are extraordinary times and keeping ourselves well, both physically and mentally, is of the upmost importance.  Finding a routine that balances academic learning with home-based physical activity and time to relax is really important.

Our Distance Learning is well developed to allow students to do this.  Our students will find a Learning Schedule for every subject in every year group.  These outline the tasks that are available for the students, together with links to the resources to support the learning and to the set assignments. You will find these Distance Learning Schedules on our ClassCharts calendar.  You do not need a login or password to access this.

We use Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom to help us deliver these remote learning programmes.

Watch our Distance Learning Podcasts on our Facebook feed for the latest information and information.

If you’re struggling to find our learning schedules on ClassCharts or access the resources on Microsoft Teams or Google Classrooms, click on these ‘how-to’ guides to help.

Accessing our Distance Learning Schedules on the ClassCharts Calendar

Finding Work set in Microsoft Teams

Logging into Google Classroom