Year 9 Options Information

Year 9 Options Information 2021

Choosing your options in Year 9 is a big step.  This year our usual process to support our students make informed choices is unable to take place because of the current move to home learning.  However, we want to make sure that our students have as much information as possible to help them make the right choices for them.

Our subject teachers have recorded short videos to give our students the information they need.  In the carousel below, you will see information about our core subjects (in blue) and our option subjects (in green).  Click on the subject to see the video, and use the left and right arrows to navigate through the subjects.

There is further information on the process and the subjects available below the carousel.

The Options Process 2021

  • As you will see above, each core and option subject has produced a short video, introducing their subject and giving information to support students in making their choices. 
  • Nearly all students will follow all of the core subjects, sitting English Language, English Literature, Maths, Numeracy, RE, Welsh and Double Science (or Triple Science if they choose this as one their options).
  • In addition, students will need to choose three option choices.  They should also choose one reserve choice in case their first three choices  do not fit into the final option blocks or are over-subscribed.
  • Our Careers Wales Advisor, Rebecca Thomas, will post resources and support in the Year 9 Team.
  • Students are welcome to contact their form teacher, subject teachers, Ms. Baines or Mr. Pyke to ask for further advice and information. 
  • From the 1st  to the 15th March, our online system will open, allowing students to enter their provisional choices.  They will choose three subjects plus a reserve choice.
  • From the 16th to the 31st March, we will construct the option blocks.  This will be done to allow the maximum number of students to follow three of their four choices, prioritising the top three where possible.
  • At this point, we might need to put in entry criteria for over-subscribed courses.  All courses will run subject to sufficient uptake and staffing capacity.
  • If any student is unable to follow three of their top four choices at this stage, we will contact them to discuss the options at this stage.  Parents and guardians will be involved in this process. 
  • At this stage, all students will be sent back their initial choices, mapped against the option blocks.  Students will be asked to confirm these choices.  Students will be able to change courses at this stage, although if a course is oversubscribed, priority will go to students who put it in their initial choices.

List of all subjects available:

English Lang and English Lit Core Mrs. Victor
Math and Numeracy Core Ms Larkman
Double science Core Mr. Pinnington
RE Core Dr. Felton
Welsh Core Mrs. Davies
Art and Design Option Mrs Anderton-Pearson
Business Studies Option Mrs. Lewis
Computer Science Option Mr. Dulake
Construction Option Mr. Mosford
Drama Option Miss Selby
French Option Madame Greenway
Geography Option Mr. A Jones
Hair and Beauty Option Off-Site
Health and Social Single Option Mrs. Johnston
Health and Social Double Option Mrs. Johnston
Hospitality and Catering  Option  Mrs. Parry 
History Option Mr. Gow
Music Option Mrs. Williams
Physical Education Option Mr. Blades
Prince’s Trust Option Ms. Clarke
Product Design Option Mr. Stephenson
Spanish Option Mr. Gil
Triple Science Option Mr. Pinnington