Year 9 Options Information

Year 9 Options Information 2022

Choosing your options in Year 9 is a big step.  Due to the need for continued social distancing, we are having to conduct our options process online this year.  There are three stages to the process: (1) Pupils complete a ‘survey’, giving 5 subjects they would be interested in taking; (2) We use the survey to create 3 option blocks; (3) Following an online pathways evening, pupils make their final decision, choosing three subjects – one from each option block.

Our subject teachers have recorded short videos to give our students the information they need for the survey.  In the carousel below, you will see information about our core subjects (in blue) and our option subjects (in green).  Click on the subject to see the video, and use the left and right arrows to navigate through the subjects.  For further information about Additional Maths, please contact Miss Larkman.  For further information about Psychology and Sociology, please contact Mrs. O’Donoghue-Carson.

There is further information on the process and the subjects available below the carousel.