Parents’ Evenings

Due to the current restrictions and social distancing measures we will be hosting our Parents’ Evenings for this term online using SchoolCloud.

The first Parents’ Evening of the year will be on Thursday 13th January (from 3:30pm – 6:30pm) and will be focused on the pastoral care that we provide to pupils. This is an essential part of our school structure and it is important that we communicate such information to you as parents. These appointments will be with your child’s Form Tutor and will cover aspects of school life that are not specific to subject-areas.

The schedule for subject Parents’ Evenings for this term are:

DateYear GroupTime
Thursday 27th JanuaryYear 83:30pm – 6:30pm
Thursday 3rd FebruaryYear 12
Thursday 10th FebruaryYear 7
Thursday 3rd MarchYear 11
Thursday 17th MarchYear 10
Thursday 7th AprilYear 9

The system will allow you to book video appointments online using any devices including desktop PCs, mobile phones and tablets. In order to make appointments, you will need to use the link below to access the SchoolCloud booking page. Parents need to make an account by entering the relevant information into the online form. This information must match the data we hold for you on our school system. If you have any issues, please contact the school office (01639 884305) to check your data.

The link to use is:

You will then be able to book an appointment with each of the relevant teachers. Each appointment has been allocated 5 minutes and the system will run to the booking schedule. The appointments are controlled by the SchoolCloud system and will close at the end of the appointment time. They cannot overrun so we would encourage parents and students to be available at the appointment time. Appointments are allocated on a first come basis and the appointment page will be available until 9am on the Thursday morning.

It is essential that appointments are made prior to the evening because it will not be possible for parents and students to ‘turn up’ on the evening.

In order to make the video call you will need to have (as minimum):
· A device with a microphone and speaker, along with a compatible web browser (e.g. laptop, ipad, tablet, smartphone)

We recommend:
· Using a laptop or computer with a webcam or smartphone with a front facing camera

As these will be the first virtual parents evenings we have had using this system and the whole process is new to us all, we want to try and ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. However, we acknowledge that we are fully reliant on technology for this to work.

We have produced a short protocol to assist us all with this process. This includes:
· Parent/Guardian must be present for the appointment
· At no point, should any form of recording of the meeting be taken
· Meetings should be held in a suitable environment

We understand that this is a different approach to normal but we hope that this will enable you and your son or daughter to have useful and productive conversations with their teachers.

Also available via the school website is a help sheet to book appointments that we hope will answer many of your technical questions.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact the Heads of Year at the school.

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