The St Joseph’s Senior Prefect Team for 2017/18 has been based on contributions to the school throughout Year 12. Prefects are selected by a panel of school governors and senior leadership, after a thorough application process.

These individuals are seen as leaders within the school, and are involved in a wide range of school and sixth form activities.

The team are led by Head Girl – Erin Launder, and Head Boy – Niall Huddleston.

Prefect Biographies 

Hi, I’m Erin. I have been in the school since year 7, and Erin Launderin sixth form I study Geography, English Language and Politics. I chose to do these subjects because they teach me how the world works, and I enjoy learning about how different people around the world are connected. In the future, I would like to do a degree in English Language. When in school I like to take hold of every opportunity that’s given to me, including volunteering and summer schools. I really enjoy being able to participate in the school community and being a recognisable face for the lower years. As Head Girl, I’m proud to represent St Joseph’s.

Niall HuddlestonHello, I’m Niall. I have been in the school since 2011. In sixth Form, I study Maths, History and Biology and in the future, I would like to do maths degree as it challenges me and I can apply skills to real life practical situations. Later on in the year, I will be attending Cambridge University Summer School to study maths.  In school, I enjoy participating in extra-curricular activities as it benefits me on a personal level along with helping other students within the school community. As Head Boy, I am proud to be an ambassador for the school and represent it in a positive manner.

Hi, I’m Anna. I have studied at St. Josephs since year seven Anna Lloyd Evansand have always found it to be a happy, warm and welcoming place. I am now in the Sixth Form studying Religious Studies, English Literature and History. I chose humanities subjects because I am fascinated by everything that humans have left behind, both in the tangible sense studied in history and in the philosophical way that is discussed in Religious Studies. I aspire to study Theology and Religion at Cambridge University. Away from school I love reading, travel and good food as well as nurturing a slight obsession with all things pink.

Jack BeynonHiya, I’m Jack. I am Deputy Head Boy for education and wellbeing, this means I will be aiding in the organisation of events, including charitable fundraisers. I went to Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera, and joined St. Joe’s in September. I study PE and Business Studies, and would like to study a BA in Secondary Education in Welsh for Cardiff Metropolitan University to later become a teacher. I currently juggle my studying with playing Cricket for PTTCC and football for Baglan Dragons FC, whilst working part-time in Port Talbot Cricket club. I aspire to be able to effect the lives of the pupils in St. Joe’s by making sure that the school is not just about education but the wellbeing of all pupils.

Hello, I’m Owain. I am happy to be Deputy Head Boy at St. Joe’s. I study Law, Politics and History, hoping to take up Politics and International Relations in university. I teach in my local parish and coach competitive swimming occasionally. I try to keep up to date with politics and global news as I believe that change is crucial to the development of society. I like to read, and quite enjoy John Grisham. I am the MC in St. Therese’s RCC and frequently do my best to help and make a difference with anyone who needs it. I enjoy working in the school and arranging events and transitions for charity as well as for younger students.

Hi, I am Sharuha. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Welsh. I find my subject very exciting and fun. In the future I would like to study Medicine and become a clinician because personally I believe no other occupation would give me the satisfaction of helping to curing one’s health. I am also  fascinated by the different cultures and languages around the world. I am a Tamil speaking Hindu and I enjoy playing, singing and dancing to Indian Classical Music. I also learn different languages like Hindu and Korean in my own time. On the whole I am a very positive and enthusiastic person who loves socialising with others.