Hello this is Miles, I am the one running this club with the help of many teachers and my friends, we would all like to say hello. Warhammer is an amazing hobby and I definitely would play if you get the chance and if you like it, its on Wednesdays and Thursdays 3-4 pm so come on down.

It begins in

Painting is the thing that brings your Warhammer miniature to life you do not need to paint them to play but it will be worth your while to do it if you got any questions about painting go to Jac in Warhammer club

Playing is what you do with the miniature you do not have to battle each other you can play d and d with them to but if you want to get in to the battle Scene then I would recommend building up your army as much as you can if you got any questions about playing ask Miles

Building is the first thing  you do in Warhammer it is one of the most important parts of Warhammer  you can not do anything before you build but it is very fun to build you miniature if you got and question about building ask Finley 

Photography is a very cool part if you join the team you can take photos of the club still have fun if you got any questions about taking photos ask Thomas 

Warhammer 40k

Warhammer 40k is the most known form of Warhammer.
It is known to be the coolest form because in Warhammer 40k you have 40 foot tall knights and Space Marines the are many legions of Space Marines there are around 12 different legions

The image to the left depicts an epic Warhammer Age Of Sigmar battle between, on the left the Stormcast Eternals and to the right The blades of Khorne in an amazing war of good vs evil for land and power. The Stormcast fight for Sigmar their god king. The Blades Of Khorne fight for the Chaos God Khorne.

Here are a few reasons why you should use Citadel paints Every batch of Citadel Color paints is tested to ensure consistency from one pot to the next  so you get great quality, all the time. You can get any color all the colors you need straight from the pot with a range of more than 300 paints, so you can get on with painting miniatures you can be proud of no mixing required!



Head of social media/ head of club


Head of playing/head of club


Head of building/head of club


Head of painting

WarHammerer club is on Tuesdays in room 24 Wednesday in room 3 and Fridays in room 21 if you got any questions ask Miles, Finley or Thomas.

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