Sixth Form Dress Code

Here at St. Joseph’s Sixth Form Centre, we do not enforce a school uniform for our Sixth Form students. However, we do operate a formal dress code and we expect all students to comply with it . It is the responsibility of the Sixth Form Management Team to ensure that all students are fully aware of what the dress code comprises of and that they meet the school’s expectations. The Sixth Form Tutor Team are responsible for advising students on the appropriateness of dress and for consulting with the Sixth Form Management team to ensure consistency.

As a Christian school, St. Joseph’s will treat all students with equal respect; we will give all students the same opportunity to succeed and will do so regardless of external factors. For this reason it is important that all pupils accept that the dress code applies to them equally and that they must adhere to it. To require students to comply with the dress code does not impinge on our belief in their un iqueness and it is not intended to be unduly restrictive or to inhabit pupils from dressing in ways in which they feel comfortable.

At St. Joseph’s Sixth Form, we are committed to achieving success and to cultivating positive attitudes towards teaching an d learning. This applies to staff and students alike. High quality education requires an ethos in which all distractions are minimised and students are able to focus on their study. We encourage our students to have high aspirations towards learning, and showing professionalism in being suitably dressed is one important way of ensuring that students are ‘Ready for Learning’. Additionally, our Sixth Formers are important role models for younger pupils in the school. They must act as a mbassadors in demonstrating positive attitudes and a sense of pride and respectability in their appearance.

It is for these reasons that pupils who are not adhering to the correct dress code will be quickly identified and reminded of expectations about th eir appearance. Sanctions will apply when students attend school inappropriately dressed.

The following guidelines explain the School’s Sixth form dress code. However, it should be noted that the Head of Sixth Form reserves the right to make a judgement on individual cases.

Consequences for non-compliance is available here.